What is SMAC ?

SMAC services help business to improve its operation and get closer to customers.

SMAC is a concept that is built on the symbiotic integration of the four ends of technology- Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud. It develops an ecosystem that allows businesses to enhance their operations and maximize their reach to the customers with minimal overhead. Also, the fusion of these four wings which are Social mobile, analytics, and cloud unleashes a surge of new ideas for business innovations regarding workflows, methodologies, services, and products.

A holistic solution for businesses

In short, the SMAC technology is a comprehensive and single tool that provides a holistic solution for businesses. SMAC is called the future enterprise technology. It is redefining the IT solutions available in the ecosystem by delivering a holistic service.

SMAC is distinguished from its past generations of technology architectures by one significant attribute diversity. It is a collaboration of multiple disruptive technologies, each carrying further layers in them, rendering a multitude of options, equally diverse and assorted.

Multiplying effect on businesses

SMAC Social Mobile Analytics Cloud will lead business technology for the next generation of technological trends. By 2020, more than 100 billion computing devices connected to the Web. And corporations will be managing 50 times the data they do currently. So SMAC will have a multiplying effect on businesses and increase productivity across the organization.

Our SMAC services:

  • ChipWiz SMAC services help businesses to improve their operation and get closer to the customer.
  • Provide analytics that allows the business to understand how, when and where people consume certain goods and services.
  • Provide business with new ways to teach and interact with customers.
  • Help your enterprise collaborate with and learn from your customers by integrating that data and making it available for decision-makers and other stakeholders.
  • Provide all the tools and services that bring all your social, mobile, analytics, and cloud together to give you instant access to desired data in the desired format.
  • SMAC consulting services at your side you can gain access to unleash opportunities galore locked in your data cut down data management costs and increase ROI ( Return of investment).

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  • A holistic solution for businesses
  • Redefining the IT solutions
  • Disruptive technologies
  • Enhance operations
  • Increase productivity
  • More customers reach
  • Enterprise technology
  • News ways to reach customers
  • Return of investment
  • Integrate data
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